UltraSonic™ Unfaced Panel Pack

Made from recycled textiles, UltraSonic eliminates unwanted ambient noise and excess echo within areas where clear, crisp sound quality is desired. Spaces containing hard surfaces often generate irritating acoustic conditions; UltraSonic lowers excessive noise levels and allows for excellent sound clarity, improving the quality of any environment that suffers from poor



The UltraSonic™ Unfaced Panel Pack can be purchased online at Home Depot







Product Features

  • Available in a Graphite color
  • Each package contains six 1′ x 1′ squares
  • 80% recycled content
  • Absorbs 85% of sonic energy, improving sound quality and cancelling echo/reverberation throughout the space
  • Easy installation and relocation with included Command strips.
  • Will not damage the finish of the surface it is attached to.
  • Non-flammable and will not support mold/mildew growth
  • One or two packages should effectively treat a standard room

List of Applicable Areas to Use the Product

  • Home Theaters
  • Workout Rooms
  • Voice Over Rooms
  • Vocal Booths
  • Basements
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Sports Courts
  • Garages
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Pool, Pump & Generator Enclosures

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltraSonic made from?
UltraSonic is manufactured from pre-consumer recycled cotton textiles. In order to maintain color consistency, we create this product from the leftovers created during the manufacturing process of cotton textiles.
Exactly where should I install my UltraSonic Acoustic Panels?
UltraSonic should be installed in the surrounding area of the source of the sound you are looking to control. The panels should be placed at the areas of first reflection of the sound energy. For example, in the case of a drum kit placed in a corner of a room, the panels should be installed in the corner adjacent to the kit. This allows the panels to absorb the sound before it can reverberate around the room.
How many UltraSonic Acoustic panels do I need for my room?
One to two packages of UltraSonic are usually enough to treat a standard room size (10’ x 8’). However, the desired level of performance will dictate how many panels are required. The more surface area that is covered, the greater the performance will be. We suggest starting with 1 or 2 packages and add additional panels as necessary.
Will mounting the UltraSonic Acoustic Panels damage my wall?
Using the supplied Command Adhesive Strips allow you to mount your panels and remove them without damaging the wall space. Be sure to use firm pressure when installing your panels to the wall. If you ever need to relocate your panels, simply lift the bottom edge out and pull down on the Command strip tab.