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OEM Acoustical Products

Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustic Insulation is made from post-industrial recycled cotton fibers. Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustic Insulation is thermally bonded, contains no fiberglass, does not itch or cause skin irritation and offers superior acoustics. The fibers used to manufacture each acoustic sound panel offer superior noise reduction and sound absorption properties as well as effective thermal performance. The insulation is treated with a non-toxic solution that actively inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. This same treatment also acts as an excellent fire retardant, giving Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustic Pads a Class-A Fire Rating.



loudspeakers (1)Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustic Pads can be used as an acoustical treatment to absorb unwanted noise from multiple sources and reduce heat gain or loss. This insulation can be used as an acoustical wall/ceiling treatment, in generator enclosures, in speaker cabinets and many other applications where sound absorption is an issue.

Acoustic Insulation

Bonded Logic Acoustical Insulation is custom tailored to fit your individual needs. Our capabilities include various colors and facings, in-house fabrication, and a wide assortment of densities/physical dimensions. At Bonded Logic, we understand that a perforated metal ceiling will have a different product requirement than the core of a folding wall partition. For this reason, rather than offering standard options, most of our solutions are customer-driven and generally custom in nature.

FR Fiber Bales
Bonded Logic offers a unique value proposition to the acoustical products market: performance plus sustainability. All of our products are manufactured from recycled textiles, primarily cotton. Cotton provides not only exceptional sound absorption, but also a high level of sustainability to your project. Whether you are sourcing materials which will ultimately be used within a LEED project or are simply following a company directive to “green” your product offerings, Bonded Logic will provide the performance you demand and the sustainability to give you the edge over the competition.



Product Features

  • Excellent Noise Absorption
  • No Itch or Skin Irritation
  • Resists Microbial Growth
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No VOC Concerns
  • Class-A Fire Rating
  • Multiple Uses
  • In-house fabricating capability for finished parts
  • Various colors available for different applications
  • Wide range of thicknesses and densities
  • In-line lamination capability – i.e. FSK, PSA, Films and Scrims

Physical Properties

PropertiesPerformanceTest Method
Surface Burning CharacteristicsFlame Spread: 10 (Class A)ASTM E 84
(Fire Hazard Classification)Smoke Developed: 20 (Class A)UL 723
Corrosion ResistancePassASTM C 739
Fungi ResistancePassASTM C 739
Odor EmissionPassASTM C 739

Color Options Actual colors may vary from what is seen on screen.