Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Appliance Insulation is made from post-consumer recycled denim that is thermally bonded to create a high-performance insulation. Natural Fiber Appliance Insulation offers superior sound absorption and thermal performance. appliance-insulationIt is treated with a non-toxic solution that actively inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. This same treatment also acts as an excellent fire retardant, giving Bonded Logic’s Natural Fiber Appliance Insulation a Class-A Fire Rating. 



UltraTouch Natural Fiber Appliance Insulation is used primarily as an acoustical and thermal treatment for appliances to absorb unwanted noise from multiple sources and reduce heat gain or loss. This insulation can be used in but is not limited to large appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers/dryers and refrigerators.



  • Excellent Noise Absorption

  • Strong Thermal Protection

  • No Itch or Skin Irritation

  • Resists Microbial Growth

  • Class-A Fire Rating

Bonded Logic Natural Appliance Insulation can be laminated with a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to one side of the insulation. The PSA has a clear plastic release liner that can be easily removed so the insulation can be securely adhered to most any surface eliminating the need for fasteners and spray adhesives.



Acoustical Performance - NRC

Product Absorption Coefficients & Octave Band Frequencies (Hz)
Thickness (Inch)Density (PCF)125250500100020004000NRC
Sound Absorption was tested in accordance with ASTM C 423 using a type A mounting per ASTM E 795

Thermal Technical Data

Thickness (Inch)Thickness (mm)R-Value
Tested in accordance with ASTM C 518 at mean temperature of 75°
*The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power.

Physical Properties

PropertiesPerformanceTest Method
Surface Burning CharacteristicsFlame Spread: 5 (Class 1)ASTM E 84
(Fire Hazard Classification)Smoke Developed:35 (Class 1)UL 723
Corrosion ResistancePass - Non CorrosiveASTM C 739
Fungi ResistancePass - No GrowthASTM C 739
Bacteria ResistancePass - No GrowthASTM C 739
Moisture AbsorptionPass - Less Than 15%ASTM C 739
Fire Test of Building MaterialsPass - 1 Hour RatingASTM E 119 - UL 263