UltraTouch+™ Sound Control System

The UltraTouch+™ Sound Control System expands upon all the great benefits of our traditional denim insulation with an added bonus of increased sound isolation. Combining high density denim batt insulation and high density denim sound dampening strips, UltraTouch+ is an acoustic solution in a bag.

UltraTouch+ is made from high-quality natural fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide for extremely effective sound isolation, while still providing energy efficient thermal performance. UltraTouch+ contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels when compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. There are no VOC concerns when using UltraTouch+, as it is safe for you and the environment.

In addition to providing superior performance, UltraTouch+ is also easy to install. The high density batt insulation is perforated for easy sizing and the high density sound dampening strips attach to the stud faces with either staples or adhesive. UltraTouch+ makes sound isolation easy for the average DIYer to achieve, while still providing the sustainable solutions that Bonded Logic is known for.

Features & Benefits


  • UltraTouch+ is an "acoustic system in a bag", combining high density denim batt insulation and high density denim sound dampening strips.
  • The proprietary sound dampening strips attach directly to the stud faces and top/bottom plates, creating a vibration damper between the finish material and studs.
  • UltraTouch+ increases STC Ratings from 3 to 10 pts, when compared to standard batt insulation wall constructions.
  • UltraTouch+ also offers an extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient to improve sound absorption as well as sound isolation.
  • In addition to the sound isolation properties, UltraTouch+ provides R13 thermal resistance.
  • UltraTouch+ is a Class 1 Building material that meets or exceeds ASTM testing for both commercial and residential insulation systems.
  • The UltraTouch patented proprietary process treats each individual fiber with a boron-based fire retardant. This treatment not only acts as a superior fire retardant, but also impedes the growth of fungus and mold.
  • With a Post-Consumer Recycled Content of 80% and no carcinogenic earning labels, UltraTouch+ carries on a long tradition of high performance insulation systems with a focus on sustainability.


  • UltraTouch+ contains no chemical irritants and requires no carcinogenic warning labels compared to other traditional insulation products.
  • UltraTouch+ contains no harmful airborne particulates eliminating health concerns regarding particulates in the surrounding environment.
  • UltraTouch+ contains a fungal inhibitor to actively resist the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria.
  • UltraTouch+ meets the extremely stringent Environmental Specification 1350 Indoor Air Pollutant testing used for California Public Schools.


  • UltraTouch+ consists almost entirely of denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. By weight, UltraTouch+ maintains an 80% post-consumer recycled content.
  • UltraTouch+ requires a minimal amount of energy to manufacture aiding the environment with energy conservation and reduction in pollution compared to other types of traditional insulation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the UltraTouch+ Sound Control System different from UltraTouch Denim Insulation?
    UltraTouch+ is made from the same raw materials as our traditional UltraTouch product. However, the batt insulation component of UltraTouch+ has a density that is 20% higher than traditional UltraTouch. UltraTouch+ also includes high density sound dampening strips, which are applied to the stud faces and top/bottom plates to act as a vibration damper between the finish material and the studs themselves.
    How much better is the acoustic performance of UltraTouch+?
    The STC ratings of wall assemblies using UltraTouch+ will vary. However, we can say that UltraTouch+ improves STC ratings from 3-10pts when compared to traditional "batt insulation only" wall assemblies. UltraTouch+ is especially effective at isolating the speech frequencies (mid-range), making it a great choice for medical and professional environments as well as the home.
    Is UltraTouch+ also a thermal insulation?
    Yes! UltraTouch+ provides R13 thermal performance.
    Is UltraTouch+ made from recycled blue jeans?
    Yes, all of components of UltraTouch+ are manufactured using post-consumer denim and cotton fibers that we source from various facilities. UltraTouch+ contains 80% recycled denim and cotton fibers, by weight.
    Do I need protective clothing to install UltraTouch+?
    UltraTouch+ has no fiberglass itch and is easy to handle. A dust mask is recommended for all construction work.
    Is UltraTouch+ Fire Resistant?
    Yes, each fiber of UltraTouch+ is saturated with a natural fire retardant (borate) giving UltraTouch+insulation a Class 1 fire rating.
    What are the perforations?
    UltraTouch+ contains several pieces per bag that are perforated for off-size cavity installations. Simply measure your cavity and tear along a perforation to create the properly sized piece. The batt should be roughly 0.5" wider than the actual cavity.
    What happens if UltraTouch+ gets wet?
    UltraTouch is manufactured to breathe and accept/release the moisture it receives in a timely manner. UltraTouch also contains active mold inhibitors as well.
    Will mold affect UltraTouch+?
    The fire retardant used in making UltraTouch also acts as an excellent mold and mildew inhibitor.
    Does UltraTouch+ contain formaldehyde?
    No, UltraTouch does not contain any added formaldehyde or harmful irritants.
    Does UltraTouch+ have a vapor barrier?
    No, UltraTouch is manufactured in batt form and is un-faced. If your local building code requires the use of a vapor barrier, we recommend a semi-permeable barrier be used.


    Thanks for choosing the UltraTouch+ Sound Control System! UltraTouch+ was designed to be easy to install and can be accomplished with basic tools. Please see below for some information to make your installation experience easy and effective!

    The batt insulation component of the UltraTouch+™ Sound Control System is compressed for shipping purposes; give it a shake prior to installing. This will help accelerate the natural rebounding properties of the fibers. Depending upon climate and environmental conditions, full rebound may take several days and often occurs after installation.

    Install the batt insulation component of the UltraTouch+™ Sound Control System between the studs by simply fitting each batt firmly into place. UltraTouch+ is engineered to fit standard 16" O.C wood framing with no additional sizing required. If you encounter an off-size cavity, either tear along a perforation or cut to create the proper fit. Your piece of insulation should be approx. 0.5" to 1”wider and longer than the actual cavity. Cut or tear the insulation to fit snugly around obstructions such as plumbing, vent lines, and electrical boxes. Use any remaining pieces to fill small openings around windows and doors. Once the batt insulation has been installed, install the sound dampening strips onto the vertical faces and top/bottom plates of the studs. The strips may be fastened using standard wood staples or general purpose adhesive. Make sure to cover all surfaces that could potential have contact with the finish material (drywall).

    After installation of the strips, the finish material may be installed. UltraTouch+ will not interfere with the installation of drywall, and standard drywall screws will easily penetrate the material.

    For exterior walls, most municipalities will require a vapor barrier to be installed. The question of appropriate vapor barrier usage is not determined by Bonded Logic Inc. This issue depends entirely on your local climate and your local building codes. Please contact your local building code office and inquire about the recommendation for your area. If a vapor barrier is required, Bonded Logic Inc recommends the use of a permeable barrier. A permeable barrier will allow your walls to "breathe" while still stopping moisture transfer.

    Helpful Hint: Did you know that a single continuous vapor retarder is a more effective vapor retarder than individual kraft faced batt's? It also requires less labor!